NormNet Industries Served

NormNet™ technology has been successfully tested and currently in use for a variety of industries including Pratt & Whitney/USAF; Rolls Royce/Royal Air Force; Allison/Plains Exploration and Production Company.

Now it has been adapted for use in the trucking industry to keep your fleet rolling at maximum efficiency with predictive capabilities allowing you to schedule maintenance based on need, versus standard mileage intervals. Get more out of each vehicle, keep them on the road longer, and off the road before they fail!

In every test, NormNet™ has demonstrated its ability to identify failures with sufficient warning that corrective action can take place before a catastrophic failure.

How Much Does It Cost To Save Me Millions?

The worst case is a truck that fails on the road with a full load. Whether the truck is refrigerated or not, another truck needs to get there and transfer the load and continue on the route. When loads are not delivered on time it costs money. When two trucks have to handle a single load, that costs extra. Repairing trucks after they have failed costs even more money that a scheduled maintenance interval or replacement or rebuild.

NormNet™ Benefits

NormNet™ is designed to make your equipment support teams function more effectively. It uses data from your existing sensors and data sources and easily integrates into your operations and maintenance procedures... Learn More »

How NormNet™ Works

NormNet™ is a real-time data derived anomaly detection system based on a five-stage approach that eliminates the need for physical models or detailed knowledge of a system...
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