How Much Does It Cost To Save Me Millions?

The worst case is a truck that fails on the road with a full load. Whether the truck is refrigerated or not, another truck needs to get there and transfer the load and continue on the route. When loads are not delivered on time it costs money. When two trucks have to handle a single load, that costs extra. Repairing trucks after they have failed costs even more money that a scheduled maintenance interval or replacement or rebuild.

NormNet™ Proactive Fleet Health Management

Keeping your fleet running and on the road is key to profitability and sustainability in today's economic climate.  Trucks that are down unexpectedly cause major delays and extreme additional cost to manage and get back on the road.

Would you like to know before a Truck engine was about to fail? 
Wouldn't it be great to know that you may not ever have an on the road engine failure again?

For over a decade Frontier Technology, Inc. (FTI), supported by the US Air Force, US Army and commercial ventures with investments of more than nine million dollars, has been developing Equipment Health Management (EHM) technology that foretells problems before they become catastrophic or impact operations.

The ability to reduce the cost of operations due to unplanned outages is a significant challenge today. Outages that occur when systems degrade or fail unexpectedly often require a service interruption to repair. The cost of unplanned outages is high. This cost includes the loss of use of the system or equipment and the cost of repair plus any negative impact on operations.

NormNet™, FTI's EHM technology, provides early warning of future failures and allows your maintenance team to reduce unplanned outages, increase system or equipment availability, and reduce maintenance cost associated with unplanned or catastrophic failures. NormNet™ detects system abnormalities that will result in problems and permitting systems to be scheduled for maintenance long before unplanned shutdowns or catastrophic failures occur.

NormNet™ also assists your maintenance staff in identifying the source of the problem thus reducing maintenance time and the cost of repair.
NormNet™ is was designed to operate in dynamic and rapidly changing environments where even small errors are significant and where minimizing false alarms is important. It uses statistical methods, signal processing and pattern recognition methodologies to accurately model normal operating conditions and to predict increasing probabilities of abnormality with high accuracy and low probability of false alarm.

NormNet™ Benefits

NormNet™ is designed to make your equipment support teams function more effectively. It uses data from your existing sensors and data sources and easily integrates into your operations and maintenance procedures... Learn More »

How NormNet™ Works

NormNet™ is a real-time data derived anomaly detection system based on a five-stage approach that eliminates the need for physical models or detailed knowledge of a system...
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