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Engineous USA, Inc.

11041 Santa Monica Blvd Suite 407
Los Angeles, CA 90025
Toll Free: 877-SAVE FUEL

About the Company

Engineous USA, Inc.™ is a Company that develops economic and environmentally conscious products for the automotive after-market. The Company's marketing plans are to target the transportation sector and related retail automotive accessory and performance markets. Engineous USA, Inc. products range from petro-chemicals to fleet management software.

Company Mission

The Company's mission is to lead the industry in the development and marketing of products that improve overall engine performance and reliability. Customers will include both industrial and retail accounts. The Company's initial two products are an environmentally conscious product known as GO 15™ with its proprietary Metal Lubricity Technology® and NormNet, a telematics computer telecommunications system.


NormNet™ Benefits

NormNet™ is designed to make your equipment support teams function more effectively. It uses data from your existing sensors and data sources and easily integrates into your operations and maintenance procedures... Learn More »

How NormNet™ Works

NormNet™ is a real-time data derived anomaly detection system based on a five-stage approach that eliminates the need for physical models or detailed knowledge of a system...
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