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Trucking PHM Calculator

Notes :

Downtime for unplanned maintenance
This cost calculator is based on the assumption that trucks experience downtime (unavailable for scheduling) due to failures that result in unplanned maintenance, thus disrupting its availability for scheduling. It is assumed that the truck is down for some number of hours for scheduled maintenance which the operator is willing to perform and thus is not counted as a cost of unavailability.

Contingency plans mitigate downtime
Of the times that a truck is down for unplanned maintenance, it is assumed that there will be occasions where a replacement can be found to perform/complete the delivery of the downed truck, in cases where the replacement truck was unfilled, not scheduled, or rented. These are considered contingency actions that an operator can take to mitigate the loss of the availability of a truck due to unplanned maintenance.

Cost of lost opportunity per hour
The cost per hour of not having the truck available to be scheduled resulting in lost revenue. Costs associated with a breakdown could include driver wages, driver dissatisfaction, hotels, meals, towing charges, dealer labor rates versus company workshop rates (this cost is addressed in the 'Number of times cost on road is greater than in own facility' input), cost of dispatch of another tractor and driver, penalties and fines for a missed delivery window, and problem of service failure when it comes time to negotiate rates. These costs, with the exception of different rates (and towing charges could also be included), are not addressed in this version of the calculator.

Predicted maintenance avoids downtime
It is assumed that the failures which can be detected in advance allow for performance of maintenance at a time which does not prevent the truck from being available for scheduling. This presumes that there is sufficient lead time to be able to schedule noninterfering times for maintenance.